Looping Audio Converter 1.3

Source (GitHub)

This application acts as a frontend to other programs and libraries, and allows conversion between the Wii .brstm format and a variety of other formats.

Supported input formats:

Supported output formats:

The source code to Looping Audio Converter is released under the GNU LGPL, version 3 or later. This license does not include RSTMLib (see below.)

Looping Audio Converter does not do any encoding or decoding itself of any format besides WAV. Other formats are handled by other applications, which do the bulk of the work. You will need write access to the folder that the application is running in for it to store temporary WAV files.

Options available on the startup screen:

*Assuming there aren't any minor format differences that BrawlLib doesn't know about, if you convert from CSTM/FSTM to RSTM and back, the resulting file should be identical to the original input.

If your input files don't have loop points, but they should, you can specify them in a file called loop.txt in the folder you run the program from.
Each line should have the format:

{loop-start} {loop-end} {filename}

For example:

853168 5087322 41 Carefree Action.wav

Looping Audio Converter will pick up on this file if it exists.