SSS Editor

Download (includes Stage, Song and Costume managers and SSS Editor)

SSS Editor is a .NET application for managing the Custom SSS code, on its own or within a Brawl or Project M codeset. The program allows modification and reordering of the stage/icon pair definitions, as well as the order and number of icons on the Brawl and Melee screens. You can also preview what the SSS or My Music screens would look like (2nd-5th tabs).

To run, the program needs a .txt or .gct file that contains the Custom SSS code, and a common5/sc_selmap/mu_menumain file (which will not be modified.) SSS Editor will load the Custom SSS code from your RSBE01.gct file. To save your changes back to this file, go to File > Save > Codeset (gct). Or, if you want to export the Custom SSS code as plain text without overwriting the GCT, use File > Save > SSS code only (txt) or the View Code option.

See the readme file (SSSEditor.txt) for more information and recent changes.

This application uses the following libraries that are not used by the other BrawlManager applications:

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